empathie group

is a multidisciplinary team based in Thiene (Vicenza, Italy) which has the purpose to evaluate and treat all the different kinds of neurodiversities and neuro-developmental disorders, in particular classical Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

National and international partners

We are very proud to share our passion and professionalism towards people's care with these Italian and International partners:

Brunello Foundation ONLUS

The Foundation pursues a finality of solidarity in the field of social welfare, health assistance and long-term care of children, adolescents and adults under conditions of social, material, ethical and intellectual disadvantage. The interventions are made within the Veneto Region.

Clinique Autisme et Asperger de Montréal

The Autism & Asperger Clinic of Montreal is a multidisciplinary team based in Montréal, Canada, that works with people affected by autism spectrum disorders. The directors of the clinic are Dr. Isabelle Hénault, psychologist and sexologist, international expert of autism and Asperger Syndrome, and Dr. Normand Giroux, psychologist and ordinary professor at the UQAM University in Montréal. 

Minds & Hearts Institute


Minds & Hearts was conceived to meet the enormous need for services specifically tailored for people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), and to increase knowledge and awareness about these conditions.

Dr Michelle Garnett is the Prinicipal Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Founder and Director of Minds & Hearts. She has extensive experience in autism and Asperger’s syndrome and has personally selected the team of professionals on the basis of their knowledge and skill base, but also for their personal qualities.

Professor Tony Attwood, leading expert on autism spectrum conditions, is the Chairperson of Minds & Hearts. He is also a Senior Consultant, Principal Psychologist and Supervisor with the team.

Minds & Hearts Institute

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